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We have been advocating for people with disabilities for over 20 years.
Our goal is a world in which all people can work, live and reside equally.


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What innovations has atempo developed?

capito is an expert for easy-to-understand language and barrier-free information.

“Bildung und Karriere” qualifies people with disabilities for the primary labor market.

With nueva, people with disabilities evaluate services.

ava is an online platform for assistance for people with disabilities.

Das Lorenz is one of the few inclusive restaurants in Graz.

What do we want to achieve?

We combine social ideas with entrepreneurial action.

Even more: We believe that entrepreneurial action is important so that we can solve social problems.

After all, this is the only way we can ensure that society changes successfully in the long term.

Digitization offers many opportunities in this regard. We develop digital products and services
for people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Expertise in social issues
Digital solutions
Social entrepreneurship
Inclusion in practice

atempo and the SDGs

In 2016, the development of capito was a key reason why atempo was named an SDG Pioneer for its “particularly innovative contribution” to achieving the SDGs.

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) comprise 17 goals that are intended to ensure sustainable development worldwide on an economic, social and ecological level. The SDGs were developed by the United Nations (UN).

atempo contributes to the achievement of goals 4 (quality education), 8 (decent work and economic growth) and 10 (less inequalities).

More can be read in the atempo impact report and on the Global Compact Network website.

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