Easy to understand language
for non-profit companies

World of understanding

You are a non-profit company and want to reach your target group in an easily understandable and barrier-free way? We support you in doing so.

Through us, you can use the AI-based tool for easy language, capito digital, at a greatly reduced price.

capito digital - your tool for easy to understand language

capito digital is an AI-based tool.

With capito digital, you can simplify your texts fully automatically into 3 easy-to-understand language levels with just one click – in German and English!

With the browser add-ons, the Word add-in and Outlook add-in, capito digital supports you wherever you write.

Your benefits with capito digital

World of understanding with Easy language for non-profits - atempo association
We make the world easy understandable - atempo association

Together we make the world understandable.

Comprehensibility is the trend. With capito digital, you can make your texts easier to understand quickly and easily.

This way you reach more people and also contribute to accessibility and inclusion.

Become part of the movement and benefit from the advantages of capito digital!

What can capito digital do?

1. Comprehensibility for 3 language levels (A1, A2, B1) – in German and English
You can immediately see how understandable you are for which language level.

2. Helpful simplification tips
capito digital gives you concrete tips that you can implement immediately.

3. Gendersensitive and easy to understand
capito digital helps you write in a gendersensitive and accessible way.

4. Fast, simple and inexpensive
With capito digital, you can simplify texts quickly and inexpensively.

5. Certified quality
The tool is based on 20 years of capito know-how.

6. Wherever you write
With the capito Browser Add-ons, Word Add-In and Outlook Add-In you can write everywhere in an easily understandable way.

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Who is the atempo association?

We have been advocating for people with disabilities for over 20 years.

Our goal is a world in which all people can work, live and reside equally.

To achieve this, we develop digital products with social impact.

Learn more about the atempo association here.

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